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The ELEVATE Feminine Leadership Councils is  accepting applications now for the 2021/22 session. Learn, practice and embody wisdom-led leadership capacities. Join forces with a diverse, interdisciplinary community of women visionaries to breakthrough commonly held challenges. Reimagine and redesign paths forward for the way we and the world, together 


Bring wisdom-led leadership and sustainable success to your organization through our original and customizable workshop series. 

The intention of our workshop packages is to incite new cultural and leadership concepts and share integration practices and tools to elevate the systems we work in and bring about lasting change.



Partner with us to expand beyond traditional leadership, organizational design, work/life balance, stress/time management and productivity models. Embrace and re-learn a different way to lead, succeed, relate and live that has the potential, the wisdom and the power to break us through to an elevated level of living, working, creating and relating. 


Black Water

"Expanding Possibility is a women-led boutique consultancy committed to working with pioneering leaders within organizations and companies who are up for infusing a deeper wisdom and a different way of doing things that expands people’s imagination, elevates how they make decisions and empowers them to create new realities that sustain, support and serve the individual and the whole."

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