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Founder & Lead Consultant
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For over two decades Christine has worked with leaders across 6 continents as a catalyst, advisor, and strategic partner to create working environments that support the thriving of the individual person and collective organization.

She specializes in taking teams and leaders beyond traditional, insufficient models of decision-making, stress and time management, and work-life balance, towards a wisdom-led approach focused on designing lives, routines, goals, systems, and organizations that are rooted in wholeness, wellness and interconnectedness.

Blending traditional leadership experience gained from her twenty-five years in Fortune 500 companies like Gap Inc. and Visa, and a MBA from Kellogg School of Management, with modalities rooted in conscious leadership, human potential, yogic science, and intuitive thinking, Christine brings a new lens and elevated consciousness to leadership, business and life design.


Catherine Jelinek

Lead Consultant
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For over a decade Catherine has crafted collaborative communities and leadership programs for entrepreneurs and growing companies. As co-founder of a Chicago-based company focused on emotional intelligence training for startup leaders, Catherine has enjoyed helping shape and support the transformative journey of entrepreneurs as they discover new ways of leading and realize that people and profit indeed do rise together.

Now, as the founder of WeReimagine, Catherine partners with innovative programs and organizations to bring a methodology for reimagining approaches to commonly held challenges.

As a new mother, Catherine is especially passionate about reimagining paradigms that affect women and mothers, believing that living as a creator - of families, businesses, communities, new ideas, etc. - must be fully celebrated, truly sustainable and richly supported by our culture and society to ensure a healthy future for our world.




Lead Consultant
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Cheryl has served as Co-owner and Vice President of Human Resources for Columbiana Foods, a privately held multi-store grocery corporation, for over 30 years. During her tenure, she has led a team of 300-plus employees compassionately through myriad corporate evolutions related to increasing their collective diversity and inclusion.

She serves as a system elevator, and delights in fostering harmony between a heart-centered approach to leadership and decision making, alongside the traditional choices currently expected in corporate culture. Within her company, Cheryl facilitates women’s leadership circles, devoted to the support of women leaders as they up-level their power and presence at work, home, and in their communities.

For over a decade, she has also privately mentored women in finding their fully-empowered selves and rising on their own terms.


Katherine Torrini 

Visual Strategist
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Katherine is creativity expert, graphic recorder & facilitator and visual strategist who has brought her visual magic to the likes of NASA, Dell, Coca-Cola, Chevron, AT&T, Southwest Airlines and The Institute for the Future. The common thread through all of Katherine’s work is her passion for reconnecting people to their innate creativity and empowering them to use it to live their most fulfilling lives—personally and professionally.

A life-long artist and visual journaler, Katherine has found the perfect professional niche where her superpower of “thinking outside her brain” is highly prized and sought after in Graphic Recording and Visual Facilitation. She travels virtually and in person drawing real-time, mural-sized, infographics at conferences, talks and corporate events, where these spontaneous visuals mesmerize viewers, activate creative problem solving and unlock the wisdom of the room.


Monica Jaramillo

Community Facilitator
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Throughout her roles in HR leadership and corporate social responsibility within multinational companies across North American and Latin America, Monica has worked as a change-maker for nearly two decades. With a focus on cultural transformation, leadership development, and diversity and inclusion, Monica has collaborated with all teams and levels within the organizations she's influenced.

She has a natural gift for developing and coaching leaders to cultivate people excellence while driving business results. Monica has a master's degree in Jungian Psychology and Art Therapy and serves as a mentor and advisor to women-led startups and movements. In addition to her passion for influencing and coaching leaders, Monica cares deeply about rekindling multigenerational feminine wisdom and keeping it alive.


Lea Guthrie

Program Manager
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Blending her deep experience in science, education, and coaching, Lea holds a MS and a M. Ed, and is a master coach, trained in many modalities. She is passionate about bringing people together who are committed to making a difference on the planet, in ways that create more compassion, connection, wholeness and wellness.

She's trained therapists, educators, coaches, wellness practitioners, non profit leaders and more on how to use these wisdom-led leadership tools in their practices, organizations AND their own families and lives.