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Expanding Possibility

Leading & Succeeding in New Ways

“We work with pioneering leaders, teams, influencers, change makers and organizations to elevate and expand the way people think, work, & relate.”

There is no question that the landscape of our world is changing and evolving, and that as we move forward, the models, perspectives and tools that got us here, cannot take us to where we need to go - as a planet, as individuals or as collective organizations and societies. 

We have to expand beyond traditional leadership, organizational design, work/life balance, stress/time management and productivity models. Release the ways of working that just don’t work. And embrace and re-learn a different way to lead, succeed, relate and live that has the potential, the wisdom and the power to break us through to an elevated level of living, working, creating and relating. 

Who We Are:

We Do Things Differently So Our World Can Be Different

Expanding Possibility is a women-led boutique consultancy committed to working with pioneering leaders within organizations and companies who are up for infusing a deeper wisdom and a different way of doing things that expands people’s imagination, elevates how they make decisions and empowers them to create new realities that sustain, support and serve the individual and the whole.   

We believe that since humans created the current systems that define how we work, value ourselves and organizations, structure our society - education, government, healthcare - that is the people who have the power within to create different systems and ways of working, relating and operating.

But we can’t do things differently if we ourselves don’t learn and re-learn to think, work, and relate differently.   


Our Approach:

We Bridge Worlds To Break Open New Paths  

Like the leaders we work with, we have been steeped deeply in the traditional ways of thinking, leading, growing a business and organization, making decisions, productivity, self-awareness, ‘managing’ people, and staying healthy. About a decade into our careers, we each realized that while this knowledge provided a good foundation, there were significant limitations to what this way of thinking could create and empower a leader or person to do.  

So we sought and eventually created a different way. One which offered deeper wisdom vs. more information. One which tapped into all of the human intelligence centers - including our body and heart - not just our mind. One which looked at people, organizations and societies as whole interconnected systems who worked best together not separate, competing systems. One which valued empowering people vs. using power over people. One which taught people how to access a higher level of consciousness and creativity - the kind that both the pioneering scientists like Einstein and the wise sages across the world knew how to work with.

We call this wisdom-led, whole-person leadership. It’s what we bring to the leaders, teams, and people we work with to GO BEYOND WHAT HAS BEEN TO CREATE NEW POSSIBILITY…. For the individual, the team, the organization and the world. 

Who We Work With:

We Co-Create With Pioneering Leaders to Re-Imagine The Future to Make Change in the Now

The leaders we work with are committed to creating cultures, systems and organizations that are rooted in wholeness, wellness, interconnectedness, and sustainability. 

Not by big huge initiatives that take years to design, millions of dollars to implement, or layers and layers of approval to get by in,  but instead through focusing on where all real lasting transformation and systemic change happens - within the people themselves, who make up the collective systems. 

Focusing on the places where simple but significant shifts can make the greatest difference, we are able to make swift and profound change from the inside out. 

Our goal is to empower people with a deeper wisdom + practical tools + elevated thinking + new structures for working and living that stay with them, supporting them to guide and grow as leaders for a better way.  

Our commitment is to work with and support the leaders who have the courage to do things differently and embrace their power to be an elevating presence with the people they lead and within the organizations and places they influence. We are committed to creating realities where we can achieve a greater impact, in ways that allow individual people, the planet, and the organization to prosper and thrive. 

Sample Projects:

Some of the Areas We Can Work With You: 


  • Personal Sustainability, Wellness & Resilience - Overcoming Overwhelm and Burnout. Creating Inner Clarity, Calm and Courage. Retaining Personal Energy. Making Choices that Sustain vs. Drain You and Others.

  • Feminine Leadership & Gender Intelligence - The power of valuing feminine presence and embracing feminine power within yourself and the workplace. Healing power distortions that create unsustainable realities and inequities and biases within our systems and society.

  • Wisdom-Led Decision Making & Goal Setting - Learning to access full range of intelligence beyond just the mental. Embracing intuitive thinking to make better short and long term decisions. New ways to stay focused on what matters, and create in sustainable ways vs. burning resources up and trying to do too much too fast.    

  • Inside Out Leadership - Self-Awareness on heart, mind, body and spirit  levels. when you know who you are, and why you do what you do, you are going to ‘do’ it so much better, more effectively and with more passion and compassion. Cultivating inner confidence and presence. Understanding your internal motivators and how they impact those you work with and lead.  

  • Women’s Transformational Leadership Programs, Trainings, Retreats and Workshops - We lead and facilitate our own and also work with you to  bring these to your organizations and communities. We also co-create internal ongoing women’s leadership programs or consult on existing ones.  

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