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ELEVATE 2022/2023


A call to join together to activate our collective power, wisdom & influence:

Corporate | Wellness & Health-Care | Government & Law | Small Business & Start-ups | Social Impact | Education


Accepting Applications July through October 1st
Register by September 19th to receive special Leadership Primers   

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Why This, Why Now

A Message from Founder, Christine Arylo.  Press play and tune in.

Be connected and held within a diverse community of women visionaries from both different & similar fields - who will both stretch and support you, and who share a common commitment to doing things differently. 


Receive elevated and practical guidance, tools, practices, and structure rooted in wisdom-led leadership that empower you to lead, work and succeed  - in these changing times - in ways that both make a significant impact in the world + be sustained yourself.


Claim intentional, focused, creative space outside of your day-to-day to re-imagine and re-design how you and the people and systems you influence work - where you gain the clarity and courage needed to make wise choices, and do things differently, in ways that may stretch you.

We are the leaders we have been waiting for.

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We are Calling Together An Intentional Council of Women and Non-Binary Beings Who:
Know They Are Here to...
  • Be Advocates - for the people they influence, serve and support and the wellness of the planet overall  

  • Be Guides & Pioneers  - pathfinders and way-showers - as we usher in a new era, living and leading by example 

  • Re-imagine & Re-design how things can be done - in more aligned, intentional and impactful ways.

  • Influence the systems and society they work within - through their voices and choices

  • Choose different ways to lead, succeed, and achieve - a way that is rooted in a deeper wisdom, one that truly honors people and planet.

Ready to Take a Stand to…
  • No longer accept ways of working, relating and operating that burn themselves and other people and the planet out.  

  • Go beyond the status quo and conventional wisdom - even if that means stretching beyond their comfort zone.

  • Focus on doing just their part to make a meaningful difference - and as a result do less, receive more and achieve a greater impact, believing they are doing enough.

  • Use their voices and choices and their intellect, intuition and imagination to guide, awaken and influence others.

  • Value the feminine within themselves, including their own needs & desires, so they can influence the systems, organizations and others to value women, wellness and sustainability too.


Desire to Receive for Themselves…
  • Consistent time and space to reset, recenter and refocus - set into and held in their monthly rhythm, so they don’t just get sucked up into the day to day grind or intensity.

  • Stronger access to their intuitive wisdom and imaginal intelligence - to unlock new potentials and possibilities, gain perspective and as a result make wise choices.

  • Practices and wisdom to keep their physical, emotional and energetic systems clear and strong - so they feel balanced and rooted on the inside.

  • Practical ways to redesign and structure their lives, teams, work, organizations - so they are set up for sustaining not overwhelming themselves and others.

  • Clarity and connection to their purpose and path - and permission to stay focused on their part.

  • Space to experiment with & express their full creative, intuitive, radiant feminine presence & leadership style - without holding back or feeling like they have to fit in.    

  • A committed community of other change-agents like them - in which they can speak their ideas and thoughts, receive wise reflections, be inspired, and be their full, real selves.

Leadership is not a position or title given to you, it is a presence you choose to embody and a power you embrace to create the world you want to live in.

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We are calling together inspired applicants who wish to apply their power, wisdom, influence, and experience to elevate the people, organizations & society around them

And to co-create ways of working and operating as a culture and society that are rooted in wholeness, wellness, interconnection and sustainability, where both the individual, the organization and the planet can thrive.

Those who embrace that all systemic and social transformation must be rooted in personal transformation.

Leaders who believe in the power of the heart...

Who are willing to go beyond what they’ve been taught to find a much wiser and more natural way of operating.

The Elevate Leadership Experience & Councils are also for organizations looking to nominate high-potential women and non-binary leaders who are influencing Sustainability, Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership & Wellness, Training & People Development.

Organizations who want to invest in their emerging and established leaders and receive the benefit of what they bring back and apply in real time.

What Are The Elevate Feminine Leadership Councils?

Deep Training





Conscious Collaboration

Influencer Council of Wise Women



Intentional Creative Spaces to Reimagine


Systemic & Personal ELEVATION




ONE: A Wisdom-Led Leadership Experience
to Embody, Experiment & Apply a
Different, More Sustainable Way, Now


Wisdom (n): the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment; of being wise; the soundness of an action or decision. Choosing to find the path that leads to harmony.


Many of our organizations, societal systems, and individual leaders are missing the feminine leadership qualities and wisdom-based models for leadership.


How success is measured, how decisions are made, and how expectations and goals are set are often unconsciously rooted in distorted, biased value-systems and power structures.


This is why it’s such a struggle to make change that sticks in your organization and with the people you influence. And why you may personally struggle to achieve work/life balance (which truthfully is a set up for burnout, not balance), or why it's so challenging to find the space to run the day-to-day and lead the way to a better future.


Our current models for time management, productivity, growth, project and resource management, and success are skewed to treat people more like machines and resources to be utilized, rather than whole human beings to be supported to thrive. Up until now, most of us have been relying on skills that just feed into a system that keeps taking more and more, until we or something breaks.

There is a different way… which we call elevated leadership… and which you will learn and apply, in real time.


A wisdom-led leadership approach that: integrates, values and applies both masculine and feminine power and both short term growth and long term sustainability. Leadership that really can put wholeness, wellness, interconnection and sustainability at the core.

When put to practical use in decision making, goal setting, creating, relating and working, opens up new possibilities, including:


  • Focused Fluidity

  • Intuitive Thinking

  • Conscious Collaboration

  • Harmonic Defiance

  • Creating Space

  • Fierce Grace

  • Receiving Support

  • Sustainable Success

Over the course of our 2021/22 council, you will learn, experiment, embody and apply the 8 wisdom-led capacities - “super powers” - listed above. To learn more about these, refer to the full program brochure

TWO: An Influencer Council
of Wise Conscious Leaders Who, Like You, Are Committed to Making an Impact AND Designing a Whole Life

This council of influencers, made up of the both established and emerging leaders within both private and public organizations.  


Together, this diverse collective of leaders and change-makers, made up of women and non-binary individuals, from these six habitats within the greater ecosystem of our economy and society will join forces to:

  1. Receive personal ideation, intuitive thinking, insights, support and resources – working with whatever you are focused on both in your current reality and longer-term goals and projects.

  2. Come together in council sessions to collaborate around specific issues and challenges faced by the individuals participating and the organizations they represent.

  3. Take on challenges experienced by their cohort of leaders in similar work systems (education, corporate, small business, health-care, government/law, social impact) and also challenges that affect these systems and all the participants collectively.

  4. Reimagine and redesign new solutions and approaches to the commonly held challenges, and bring these back to their organizations and workplaces for practical adoption and integration.

THREE: Intentional Creative Space
Held for You to Reimagine & Redesign
How You & The World Works
unnamed (1).png

Throughout the year, you will be held in an intentional co-creative space that will give you the mind, heart, and soul space to reimagine and redesign ways of working, living, and operating that really do have the power to elevate you, the system, and the world.


Through creative process, intentional inquiry and active experimentation in the laboratory of your day-to-day life, we will create the space for you to consciously work to reimagine and redesign on three levels. Each circle in the glyph to the left indicates one realm:

  1. SELF: How you constellate your personal life and work design  

  2. SYSTEM: How the system you work within operates and how you work with it

  3. SOCIETY: How you impact what matters most to you in the world, focusing on your part to influence


You will feel empowered (not overwhelmed).
You will receive the knowing you are doing ENOUGH. 
Like a pioneer who knows she’s not behind, rather, she’s creating new ways forward.


You will feel like you are in conscious "co-creation" with a broader field of people and possibility. You will feel what it's like to experience a reality where it’s not all on you or up to you to make the shift happen.

Together, we are making and creating the new ways forward.  

To rise as individuals and a society, we need consistent, intentional, focused space to be together to find the new ways.


What’s Included: The Structure
October 21, 2022 - September 9, 2023
with special Primer Sessions on Purpose & Presence in September


Leadership Experience & Application

1 session per month focused on a one of eight specific aspects and capacities of wisdom-led leadership that you will work with and apply directly.

Council of

Influencers & Creative Work Space

1 session per month in smaller groups  - interactive sessions and creative space for working with what’s happening in the now + for expanding into what’s possible

Immersion Sessions

Three half-day immersions quarterly, you do from home -  intentional time to expand your thinking, experiment with possibilities, receive insight and gain clarity on your individual focus to create sustainable success & systemic change.

Fierce Grace


3-Day Weekend Retreat in Nov, focused on strengthening & amplifying expression and embodiment of your Power, Presence & Purpose.


In person or virutal based on safety at time.

Individual Leadership Coaching Sessions



Quarterly or monthly catalyzing and elevating 1:1 sessions focused specifically on you and the individual focuses, opportunities, and challenges emerging.

See the full brochure below for the program details, and time and financial investment

Shockra 1_ FIRE.jpg
Read More & Apply

You’re Invited

Accepting Applications July through October 1st.

We'll be sending out the invitations and applications in early June. 

If you would like to receive the invitation when it's ready, 
you can request it by clicking the button below.


When we send out the invitations, if you are interested, you will complete the application: one of the facilitators will reach out to you for a personal 1:1 conversation to explore and determine if this is a good fit.

The 2022/23 Councils start on Oct 21st.
For those that join by September 19th, you'll be eligible
to participate in a 4-part Feminine Leadership virtual series.  

Learn More & Apply

Submit Application - Opens In July

If you are interested in having your organization
sponsor you and/or another woman in this program

Indicate that in your application and download the information below. We have partnership and sponsorship packages you can share with your organization, including ways you and your organization can support and nominate women outside of your organization who are a great fit and need financial support to participate.

Have questions? Email us at

Whatever is stirring within you to reimagine and redesign for yourself and what matters most to you, the time is Now. Our choices and voices are enough to change this world. 

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